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    Available courses


    New Wineskin Outreach is a new way of being church together.

    We can meet here with groups that we see locally or people on the other side of the world.

    This is a place for us to let go, let God be present with us, and to give and receive God's love.

    Explore how this community for the practical integration of psychotherapy and Christianity can help you personally and professionally as you empower others with your wisdom.

    You'll find forums & other activities  to help you reflect on & integrate your practice.

    Christian Healthcare Library     (Formerly ACT Online Resource Library)   

    Available are Journal of Christian Healing (JCH) electronic articles and ACTheals conference mp3 recordings.  

    (ACTheals members: For instructions on registering for this site and enrolling in the resource library, go to actheals.org, login as a member, click on ACTheals Documents, then click on the the Resource Library link and click on Directions.)

    The Thrive Family Room is a home away from home for our church. 

    Here we can reflect on and continue the discussions we began at church, or start new ones.  We can co-ordinate our activities and work on our personal transformation and ministry goals.

    This course will introduce the interplay between emotional and spiritual health, help participants assess their own emotional and spiritual needs, and give them tools to help with it including inner healing prayer.  The class will include a discussion and clinic/experiential component. 

    We will be reading and praying through the Gospel of Luke, both in our daily prayer time as well as in small group time.  We will ask the Holy Spirit to make present to us Luke's Gospel so that we can experience the events just like those who were present at the time.  The Immanuel Prayer movement has shown that God makes a connection with us and goes with us to reprocess events from the past and emotions associated with them.  In this course, we will ask the Holy Spirit to be with us in the events of the Gospel so that our lives can be transformed by the presence of Jesus in the Gospels.

    This discussion is for those who have completed the Immortal Diamond course from the Center for Action and Contemplation